The PROMPT Development System

Speed is of the essence when getting innovative ideas to market successfully. Pharmatech have developed the PROMPT system of comprehensive NPD services which brings the world best practices of multinational pharmaceutical companies to your project. Pharmatech guarantee’s that this service will result in a faster launch of your new product.


Product Development

PROMPT starts with the Product Development process. The best results are achieved with a clearly defined product concept or brief. Pharmatech’s NPD Concept template contains a checklist of all the key aspects to be defined during the development process. Peter Lehrke will work through this checklist with you to ensure that all the key information is available to develop the best product for you. Once the scope is clearly defined, and the Product Concept document is signed off by the client, Pharmatech gets to work on the formulation. The principles of Quality by Design (QbD) are applied to a Stage Gate product development process with regular interaction with the client.

"At key points in the process important decisions about formulation, ingredients, specifications, cost, and timelines are required, and Pharmatech leads the client through these milestone decisions."


New products often need registration in the countries they are to be marketed in. Even for food products that do not require registration, some regulatory compliance work is needed to ensure labels meet the appropriate legislation.

"Pharmatech has a network of international regulatory experts who can advise on all aspects of product registration."

Optimisation + Validation

There are often multiple ways to reach the same new product objective, and there are always trade offs between product efficacy, claims, regulatory requirements, and cost. Pharmatech’s formulation modeling software allows for prompt evaluation of alternative formulations so that you get the optimum product benefits for the least cost.

"Once the optimum formulation is confirmed Pharmatech can provide validation services to confirm product specifications and to validate shelf life with stability trials."

Project Management

Perhaps you have a technical project that needs additional skills and experience. You may need some pilot plant trials run to establish feasibility of a new manufacturing process, or you may have a quality or productivity issue in your own factory. Perhaps you need to rationalize a product range, review a potential new ingredient, or decide what to do with some slow-moving or obsolete stock. Or you may want to design and build an entirely new factory.

"Whatever your project Pharmatech can assist with experienced project management services"

Manufacture + Packing

Pharmatech offers a comprehensive service of toll manufacturing and packing. As a broker of manufacturing services Pharmatech can manage all aspects of your product supply, ensuring that you get the best prices from contract manufacturers without any of the hassle of vendor management.

"You will get PROMPT delivery, to your defined quality standard, at best available prices."


After all the investment in the new product development all that remains is training of staff on the product manufacture and formulation and educating customers about your product. Training is one of the best investments to maximize potential of your assets – your people, plant, and products.

"Pharmatech can provide staff training on manufacturing, quality, productivity initiatives and education to customers on product use and benefits."