After many years of consulting I thought it was about time I shared my knowledge and experience. Initially I thought, how hard can it be? Put some information together and put it up on a site – right? Well, yes – it can be done that way, but after trolling around a lot of sites to get ideas, it became obvious that there are websites, and then there are WEBSITES. My web presence is a work in progress, as we try to present a professional snapshot of who I am and what I offer.

The process has been quite a learning experience and I am pleased with the outcome. The site has a lot more development to look forward to – So keep visiting and watch the growth! It’s early days with the blog but it’s my hope that I can use this space to share unique experience and knowledge that I’ve picked up over decades in the bio-tech industries.

I hope my services will also help you develop your ideas and products through new products and ground breaking ways of solving your technical problems.

Healthy living.