Are you a small to medium enterprise working in the Nutraceuticals, supplement or cosmetic industries? Pharmatech offer Comprehensive Technical Services.

Pharmatech was founded in 2003 by biochemist Peter Lehrke, who saw the need that small to medium sized food, supplement and cosmetic companies had for professional technical support. Having worked in the pharmaceutical industry for a large part of his career, Peter learnt the methods used by multi-national companies to develop new products, project manage complex technical projects such as innovative research projects, new factory design and build projects, and introduction of new technologies. Most small to medium sized enterprises can substantially increase their profitability by applying these tools in their business.

Innovative supplement formulation development

Innovative supplement formulation development

Pharmatech offer a suite of technical services to companies in the food, nutraceutical, supplement, natural health product, cosmetic and pharmaceutical sector that help save time and money. If you have a technical problem, a need for new products, a desire for improved quality, or a technical project that needs managing, or directing, then contact Peter Lehrke NOW.


Research has proven that successful nutraceutical companies have a PROMPT conversion of innovative ideas into commercial consumer products. It results in “The First Mover Advantage” and it determines market leadership which in turn results in high profit margins. The successful companies achieve this by applying the principles of Quality by Design (QbD), building quality into the design of the product at each step in the new product development (NPD) process.

They use a Stage Gate NPD process with decision points at critical times to maximize the effectiveness of the Research and Development (R&D) budget. And they use world best practice project management tools to co-ordinate all activities from initial Product concept and design, through the Registration process, Optimization and validation of processes, Manufacture and packaging of product, Whole Project management, and Staff Training to that wonderful day – the product launch!

Now you can access all of these secrets of success of the world’s leading multinational pharmaceutical companies and apply them to your own product innovation. Click to Read more....

“If you can dream it you can do it” - Walt Disney

Pharmatech provides a comprehensive suite of services covering all aspects of New Product Development, from concept to launch.